“Fulfilling your potential”

What does it actually mean to “fulfil your potential”? Here’s an answer I like:




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Hello again.

Here’s a little story about  perfectionism (and maybe some other things too).

It’s from ‘Taking Flight‘ by Anthony De Mello — a book of stories and meditations.

Hope you enjoy it!




A man offered to pay a sum of money to his twelve-year-old daughter if she mowed the lawn. The girl went at the task with great zest and by evening the whole lawn had been beautifully mowed — well, everything except a large uncut patch of grass in one corner.

When the man said he couldn’t pay the sum agreed upon because the whole lawn hadn’t been mowed, the girl said she was ready to forego the money, but would not cut the grass in the patch.

Curious to find out why, he checked the uncut patch. There, right in the centre of the patch, sat a large toad. The girl had been too tenderhearted to run it over with the lawn mower.

— Where there is love, there is disorder. Perfect order would make the world a graveyard. —

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Mindful NLP

Hello! I’m Glenn Bassett. This is my first blogpost on WordPress, so I’ll just introduce myself.

I offer practical and compassionate Training, Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy, based in North London.

I also train the Phil Parker Lightning Process(R) , Andrew Austin’s Integral Eye Movement Technique, and I run Music Workshops for people with Learning Disabilities.

I’ve been very influenced by the philosophy and practice of Mindfulness, and the writings of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Anthony De Mello.

See my website at www.grbtraining.com for more details!

Cheers! Glenn.

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